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It is challenging to find high quality, traceable seafood. We offer only the best & deliver it to your doorstep seamlessly.

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Harvested by Hand, Locally Sourced.

We are a commercial fishing family committed to offering high quality seafood - fisherman direct. In the beginning, we distributed our seafood to high-end restaurants and specialty grocers in Seattle, Washington. Now we offer that same high quality seafood caught by us and other fisherman just like us, and deliver it to your door hassle-free. We only carry the finest quality wild and sustainable seafood, and invite you to learn more about us.

How it works:

Step 1: Build

Choose from our wide variety of wild and sustainable seafood to customize your order to fit your needs.

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Step 2: Package

We use dry ice and environmentally friendly shipping materials that are certified to keep your order frozen.

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Step 3: Deliver

Courier shipping notifications keep you updated, so you know exactly when your fish will arrive.

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Such professional prompt service with great quality salmon and cod. Sent for Christmas presents to California, Kansas, and Maine. Finally was able to match my brother who sends me Maine lobster! Highly recommend these folks. True family business with the highest Northwest quality.

John Peixotto

We purchased one of Wild Bay's seafood boxes and have enjoyed their wonderful products. The Cod and Salmon were very nicely cut and packaged - cooked up really nice and tasted as fresh as the fish we buy at the market!

Bernard Patrick Murphy

I had a great experience with Wild Bay Seafood. The order was seamless and the quality of the fish was great. I was not able to pick up at the location so they shipped. It was packaged well and remained frozen until I put it in the freezer. I would order from them again and recommend this Seafood company.

Sandi Nelson

Our Pledge

We are fortunate to be a part of the Bristol Bay community and have access to this incredible resource. We give back to this community by donating 1% of all net profits to the Food Bank of Alaska.

Wild vs. farmed, which is better?

There is a lot of conflicting information about whether you should choose wild or farmed fish. If you are like us, you only want the facts, so lets get to it! We eat fish for its nutritional benefits and great taste. Wild fish get most of their nutrients and flavor from the food they consume, namely zooplankton and small wild fish. Farmed fish are often fed poor quality food to keep costs low and are sometimes fed antibiotics and dyes to reduce disease and brighten their color. Wild seafood spend their life swimming thousands of miles through oceans and rivers, while farmed fish spend most of their life living in a fish pen. At the end of the day you are what you eat, so which would you rather be?

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