About Us – Wild Bay Seafood Company

About Us

There was a time when people knew who grew their produce, butchered their meat, and caught their seafood. Now you can once again, know your fisherman.

Fisherman Direct.

  • Every summer we fish in Bristol Bay, Alaska for wild sockeye salmon.
  • We only offer our catch, and seafood caught from other independent fisherman like us. 

Traceability Matters.

  • It is challenging to find quality seafood in most grocers, and impossible to know who caught it.
  • Our fish remains in our care and safekeeping from harvest to delivery. 

Sustainability is Key.

  • Maintaining its vibrant fishery, free from the adverse impact of man is imperative for the future of Bristol Bay, AK. 
  • We support the State's strict management of this unique watershed and fishery.
Meet the Crew

We catch our sockeye in the Naknek and Kvichak rivers of Bristol Bay, Alaska. Take a peek at the map below to see where the fish is harvested!

Where our sockeye is caught