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How to Defrost Your Frozen Seafood

We take great care in freezing your fish, but how you thaw it is just as important. 

The steps you take to ready your ingredients affect the final product long before you even begin cooking your fish. To ensure the highest quality, we recommend that whichever method you choose to thaw your fish, you first remove them from the vacuum-sealed packaging. This crucial step ensures that your seafood remains safe to eat and maintains its high-quality freshness. 

Method 1: Overnight

This is the easiest way to thaw your fish and also produces the best results. First remove the seafood from the packaging and place it onto a tray lined with a reusable or paper towel. Next, put the tray on the lowest shelf in your refrigerator set between 33℉ and 38℉, and let thaw overnight. If you want to get fancy, place the seafood on a wire elevated above the tray to assure that all liquid drains rather than pools around the seafood. This method guarantees a firm texture and perfect sear when it comes time to cook. 

Method 2: The Speedy Way

We've all been there. Halfway through your workday and realize you haven't planned dinner but you do not want to order takeout for the fourth time this week. What you may not know is, these moments are what our frozen seafood is best for. Who doesn't love having high quality seafood at the ready for when life gets too busy?! When you find the business of life distracting you from meal prep, do not fret. Simply remove the vacuum packaging and place the fish in a resealable bag, leaving a small air gap. Submerge the fish and the bag under cool water, changing the water every 30 minutes to ensure the water stays cool and your seafood remains safe to eat. Do not place the fish directly into the water as it will become waterlogged and no one likes soggy fish. Although this isn't the best way to defrost your seafood, it can keep you out of the drive-thru line when you run short on time. Once thawed, wash your hands and give your seafood a good pat to remove any excess water- and just like that you are ready to cook!

Refreezing Thawed or Partially Thawed Fish

It is safe to refreeze thawed or partially thawed fish as long as the internal temperature  remains below 38℉. Proper temperature monitoring ensures your fish will remain safe to eat and will not lose any of its flavor or quality. 


Do you have any other questions about thawing or freezing seafood? If so, please reach out to us via our contact form! We are here to help :)