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Roasting Over an Open Fire

If the Pacific Northwest was a flavor it would be the taste of cedar-planked salmon roasted over a fire. First created by Native American Tribes in the region, this method of cooking is one of our favorite ways to prepare a Sockeye; the flavor combination of the woodsy cedar and smoky coals cannot be beat!

While the taste of the fish is something to savor, it is the ritual of slowing down that keeps us coming back; building the fire, enjoying conversation with our loved ones, all while sipping our favorite beverages. It takes meal preparation to a whole new level.

Cedar Plank Sockeye Recipe:

Soak a large cedar plank in water for at least 1 hour. We use a rimmed roasting pan, making sure to weigh the planks down so they are completely submerged. ย  While the planks are soaking, season your fillet with olive oil, salt and pepper, lemon zest, chopped fresh thyme & Italian parsley. Once the plank has finished soaking, shake off the excess water and place your fillet skin-side down on the plank. Top the fillet with lemon slices and roast over coals until fish is cooked through to an internal temp of 145 degrees. If you cannot cook over a fire, this method works great on a grill too. Make sure to keep a spray bottle nearby to douse any flames if plank catches fire. Tip: If you are having trouble cooking the fish evenly, you can finish cooking the fillet in oven at 375 degrees. Once cooked through, remove the fillet from the heat, cover with foil, and let rest for 5 min. We love to serve this salmon alongside a fresh salad and roasted potatoes. Enjoy!

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