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Homemade Sockeye Lox

Homemade sockeye salmon lox has become a bit of a staple in our family these days. Loaded with protein and full of flavor, we love to enjoy it on special occasions and weekday mornings alike. There is nothing quite like a toasted piece of bread or bagel layered with cream cheese and lox to start your day. Topped with capers and a few sprigs of dill, this dish has a way of leveling up any morning.

We like to use a recipe by Ina Garten. It requires just a few ingredients, is simple to make, and turns out perfectly every time. Just make sure to plan ahead, the fish takes a few days to cure. You can find a link to Ina’s recipe at the bottom of this post.

Take a peek at the video below for a step-by-step guide on how to make homemade sockeye lox, then put on your chef’s hat and get started! You will not regret having this in your fridge.

Something to note: once the lox has finished curing, use the sharpest knife in your kitchen (I use a fillet knife) to slice it as thinly as possible. Thick pieces of lox are a bit too chewy and salty. I like to hold my knife at a steep angle and slice at the farthest end from the tail first, then work my way back.


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