Now Delivering in the Gunnison Valley! (Gone Fishing! Closed while we' – Wild Bay Seafood Company

Now Delivering in the Gunnison Valley! (Gone Fishing! Closed while we're in Bristol Bay - Next Delivery is July 31st, 2024)

Maggie and Justen moved to Crested Butte, CO in 2022 from the Pacific Northwest. Having grown up with access to fresh seafood, a staple in their diets, they found it challenging to source in the Western Slope. With the hope of making seafood readily available, and in spirit of connecting with local farmers for produce and ranchers for meat, the time has come for Coloradans to know their fishermen. As commercial fishermen in Bristol Bay, Alaska, their mission is to bring MSC certified sustainable, wild-caught seafood to the Gunnison Valley.

Wild Bay Seafood Company traces its origins back to 1997, the year Maggie’s parents purchased the fishing vessel, “Maggie Lynn” named after their only daughter. Wild Bay Seafood Company is a small family fishing operation; every summer we fish commercially for wild sockeye salmon in Bristol Bay, Alaska, and when we are not fishing, we direct market our catch. While we initially started by supplying local restaurants and specialty grocers in the Greater Seattle area, the same high-quality fish is now accessible in the Gunnison Valley.

We encourage you to explore our seafood offerings here!

*No minimum orders!*

**FREE home delivery on orders of $100 or more!**

***In an effort to reduce waste and forgo adding another carboard box to the landfill, please leave a cooler at your front door and we'll fill it up with your order!***

****Please note - the Bacon-Wrapped Scallops and Scallops are not available for the Gunnison Valley (hopefully they will be soon!)****

Let us know if you have questions!

Maggie Gardner - (253) 549-5501

Justen Altaras - (206) 962-1636

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